Culture clash: Dino & the Stones


From “Life” by Keith Richards (Little, Brown, 2010) page 151:

“The first show we ever did in America was at the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino, California. Bobby Goldsboro … was on the show, and the Chiffons. But earlier, we’d had the experience of Dean Martin introducing us at the taping of the Hollywood Palace TV show. In America then, if you had long hair, you were a faggot as well as a freak. They would shout across the street, “Hey, fairies!” Dean Martin introduced as something like, “these long-haired wonders from England, the Rolling Stones …. They’re backstage picking the fleas off each other.” A lot of sarcasm and eyeball rolling. Then he said, “Don’t leave me alone with this,” turning with horror in our direction. This was Dino, the rebel Rat Packer who cocked his finger at the entertainment world by pretending too be drunk all the time. We were, in fact, quite stunned. English comperes and showbiz types may have been hostile, but they didn’t treat you like some dumb circus act.”

Enjoying Keith’s autobiography immensely!

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