Quarantine blues, back-to-nature edition

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There’s the walking blues, the talking blues, and now thanks to filmmaking collaborators Wade Robson and Tony Testa, there’s “DisInteGrated,” the dancing blues, filmed in Maui. Testa, looking like Gilligan in search of his island, convenes with nature — sand, sea, sky, forest, even planted!

REVIEW: Julia Child, warbly kitchen warrior near to our hearts, in new doc

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The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu is ‘said’ to have said, “When the student is ready, the master will appear.” American homemakers didn’t realize it in the post-World War II decade, but Julia Child was the master they awaited – a down-to-earth cookery guru to guide them away from pre-made mixes, frozen variety trays, and the ...

Still burning bright: Paul Taylor Dance Company & ‘Fantasia,’ both to Bach

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Lisa Viola, Michael Trusnovec, original cast, “Promethean Fire,” PTDC Sara Krulwich/New York Times The light illuminating the dancers in the photo above is the result of a myriad micro-decisions made by a great theatrical artist of our time. Jennifer Tipton, the acclaimed lighting designer and longtime collaborator of the choreographer Paul Taylor (1930-2018), is slated ...

Looks so good! Opening-night movie as GERMAN CURRENTS Film Festival returns

Madame Houpflé (Maria Furtwängler) in Confessions of Felix Krull (2021 Los Angeles is somewhat unsteadily getting back onto its feet as the international capital of film that it is. And here comes the German Currents Film Festival. We’re electrified! The return of in-personal screenings (there is also a virtual option for stay-at-homes) is frankly joyful. ...

What is this man thinking? Don’t ask, just go see ‘Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn’ 2

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Radu Jude, director of BAD LUCK BANGING OR LOONY PORN Photo credit: Silviu Ghetie. Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures He resembles an Every Man, doesn’t he? Someone Bertolt Brecht might portray in a play — in the good old days, the 1930s. He is the contemporary Romanian film director, Radu Jude, who, borrowing from Brecht ...

On International Animation Day, French short subjects at Theatre Raymond Kabbaz

Pierre Leloup, artistic director of Theatre Raymond Kabbaz appreciates film animation and doesn’t believe it should just be for kids: “Animated film is an art form in its own on right,” says Pierre, adding that these marvelous, hand-crafted movies “efficiently introducing challenging topics in a visually compelling way, leaving plenty of room for symbolism, fantasy, ...

Hollywood Heritage’s Halloween hangout with ‘glamour ghoul’ Vampira 2

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She was born Maila Nurmi, which seems ghoulish enough. But she went by the mononym, Vampira. For those of us who did not grow up in Los Angeles watching this strange, mysterious lady host horror movies on late-night television (I grew up in Pittsburgh, where our Vampira was not nearly as sexy: “Chilly Billie” Cardille, ...

More than a ‘mogul’: 20th C-Fox’s Darryl Zanuck in new Eyman book and on TCM 3

New Eyman book for Running Press The respected and feared Darryl F. Zanuck ran his studio, Twentieth Century-Fox, like a Swiss watch and devised entertainment for the masses, including bright musicals starring Fox blondes Alice Faye, Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, even Shirley Temple. He commandeered technologically innovative epics (The Robe, the movies’ first CinemaScope production), ...

Film review: ‘In Balanchine’s Classroom,’ a dance documentary

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George Balanchine (1960s). Photo: Ernst Hass. As seen in In Balanchine’s Classroom. A film by Connie Hochman. A Zeitgeist Films release in association with Kino Lorber. Watching In Balanchine’s Classroom, the new dance documentary directed by Connie Hochman, you wait and hope for a movie about a significant, if rarefied, subject to add up to ...

Don’t bug out! Go to ‘Bug Therapy’

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You think you have problems? What about our psychotherapists? They have to listen to other people’s problems (OPP) all day long. These wretched folk must be ready to jump out the window. But, luckily, according to Bug Therapy, a new animated light-comedy that’s premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival this week, they may have ...