Jets ‘do the hustle’

Dance · Film
The filmmakers behind the re-do of WEST SIDE STORY (1961) did not win a lot of internet love upon the release of a production still of Steven Spielberg’s redux filming of Jerome Robbins/Robert Wise’s iconic WSS “Prologue,” with menacing gang members dance-trawling the streets of Manhattan. It’s hard to give fewer points for either the ...

David Crosby’s ‘freak flag’ flies in new documentary

Film · Music
rock-and-doc star david crosby, photo by amy graves David Crosby, who almost cut his hair but didn’t, ended up getting it shorn in a Texas state prison. After serving time for drug possession, he exited the big house as a drab-looking middle-aged, balding man of no particular distinction. Then he grew back his hair. Now ...

The Lubitsch touch for wedding gowns

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travis banton wedding gown forjeanette macdonald Really wonderful to see director Ernst Lubitsch’s THE LOVE PARADE (1929) starring Jeanette MacDonald and Maurice Chevalier, at Paramount Pictures where the movie was made 90 years ago. The delightful light comedy, peppered with MacDonald-esque coluratura and Chevalier-esque direct chatter to the audience, was screened at a fundraising event ...

Get your gaze on.

Film · Visual arts
Installation view of Donna Huanca: OBSIDIAN LADDER. Courtesy the artist, Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles and Peres Projects, Berlin. Photo by Joshua White/ In the past we would look. And sometimes we would see. But now, in the art world, the operative word is “gaze.” That’s nothing new, the expression “gaze” has been in use ...

University action fails to address racism of ‘The Birth of a Nation’

Bette Davis and Lillian Gish in The Whales Of August (1987) Ed note: The following is an excerpt from a long interview with film marketing strategist/producer-director Mike Kaplan, a friend of artsmeme, concerning the removal of the name of Lillian and Dorothy Gish from a screening auditorium at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. The ...

From the politically toxic Lillian Gish

Friend-of-artsmeme Mike Kaplan shares an image of a movie poster personally autographed by Lillian Gish. Kaplan produced THE WHALES OF AUGUST (1987), which starred the then-elderly but still luminous Gish, in marvelous scenes that convey her screen magic with Bette Davis, who also stars in the film. Featured here is a Gish movie from another ...

The new American intolerance: Gish Film Theater shorn of name

ed. note: With a heavy heart, we publish words submitted by Mike Kaplan, a friend of artsmeme whose peerless collection of dance movie posters now hangs at the National Dance Museum in Saratoga Springs. Mike, the producer of ‘The Whales of August’ (1987) starring Bette Davis and Lillian Gish, is at the forefront of controversy ...

Transcending ‘correctness’: Lillian Gish

I’ve never been in style, so I can never go out of style. – Lillian Gish

Fred & Ginger (& Mark) do ‘The Continental’ 1

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mark sandrich, fred astaire do the continental, but not cheek to cheekphoto: MARC WANAMAKER/BISON ARCHIVES The wonderful shot of director Mark Sandrich and Fred Astaire palling around at RKO Studios comes courtesy of artsmeme friend Marc Wanamaker. Thank you, Marc! The director and dancer are collaborating on a crazy-long, Art Deco-drenched, epic dance sequence for ...

Tiny us a-tremble at ‘Titanic Live’

Film · Music
Us small! Titanic big! It’s a big show! In the second-ever such concert/film screening in the United States, the blockbuster film Titanic will be shown on a vast LED outdoor screen with James Horner’s epic score performed live by the New West Symphony.  The special event will take place on the campus of California Lutheran ...