Bill Graham, Ziegfeld of Aquarius 1

We pay over a hundred dollars for a decent seat at a Staples Center rock show without thinking twice, but it wasn’t always so. There had been rock events here and there as early as the late 1950s—Elvis at the Pan-Pacific Auditorium and the Beatles at Dodger Stadium—but they were occasional. Bill Graham (1931-1991) made ...

Culture clash: Dino & the Stones

From “Life” by Keith Richards (Little, Brown, 2010) page 151: “The first show we ever did in America was at the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino, California. Bobby Goldsboro … was on the show, and the Chiffons. But earlier, we’d had the experience of Dean Martin introducing us at the taping of the Hollywood Palace TV show. ...

How the Stones rolled through L.A.

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Found: Photographs of the Rolling Stones, a month-long exhibition of twenty-six rare and candid photographs that document the Rolling Stones on their first American tour in 1964 opens soon at Dilettante, a creative theatre and gallery located in Compton.  The Stones photo-booty was discovered in an unmarked box at a Central California estate sale  — ...