Oh yeah, Sammy!

Dance · Music
The great dancer Sammy Davis Jr. … and oh yes, also the superb singer, actor and consummate cool guy … had a daughter! That lucky lady, Tracey Davis, has written a book, “Sammy Davis Jr.– A Personal Journey with My Father.” Swing on by (‘cuz everything about SD, Jr. is swingin’) Larry Edmund’s Bookshop on Hollywood ...

My dad, Dana Andrews, at the Egyptian Wednesday 1

Looking forward to viewing the early film noir, Laura, directed by Otto Preminger and starrring Gene Tierney, Clifton Webb and Dana Andrews.Hosted by The American Cinematheque, the screening takes place next Wednesday night at the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. The showcase includes bonus appearances. Introducing the film will be Dana Andrews’ daughter, Susan Andrews.Author ...

Tatum O’Neal’s face in “Paper Moon” 2

Peter Bogdanovich’s rhapsody to the American Middle West, “Paper Moon,” is graced by the Oscar-winning performance of an eight-year-old actress who pulls one bratty expression after another at her real-life father Ryan. We saw the film the other night on the big screen of the Los Angeles Theater. Bogdanovich, in solid form with fun stories ...

Bob Marley remembered 2

Film · Music
What I learned about reggae artist Bob Marley from “Marley,” an inspiring new documentary produced by his son: he was biracial (I did not know that) he was the soul of jamaica  he was gorgeous and nicely built he was all music, from childhood he was all artist, beatific in the final years of his ...

Rita’s dad

Dance · Film
Hurricane Irene, heading our direction in New York City, where we are visiting, can prove no match for Hurricane Rita. Lovely Rita’s dancing father, Eduardo Cansino, tangoes here, courtesy of the digital photo collection of the New York Public Library. I spent the last two days in the glorious Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center, ...

Jane McAdam Freud memorializes her father Lucian

Visual arts
We met the artist, Jane McAdam Freud, here in Los Angeles at her September, 2010 gallery show in Beverly Hills, and found it very easy to converse and connect with her. She is a friend of arts·meme, and we are very honored to reprint her wonderful memorial essay to her father from The Guardian. We ...

She did the mash, she did the monster mash

Ideas & Opinion
Most delighted by Arts Editor Kimberly Brooks’s banner headline fashioned for my story on today’s The Huffington Post. It’s a typical father-daughter tale, only it concerns two Karloffs: Boris and Sara. [click on the image for a better view …] You can also read this story on artsmeme.

Sara Karloff, daughter of Frankenstein 32

Boris Karloff’s only daughter doesn’t like frightening movies. “The Wizard of Oz” scared me when I was seven. Now I leave the room during “Murder, She Wrote,” said Sara Karloff, an elegant woman of a certain age, born when her father was 51. The dark-skinned beauty’s coal-black hair sports an amazing white streak, reminiscent of ...

Kyle Abraham makes it or breaks it

Dance · Music
“I got really frustrated when a good song got ‘broken,'” says the soft-spoken young choreographer, Kyle Abraham, chatting over breakfast at Jacob’s Pillow this past weekend. “I’d call the station many times to vote in support [of cutting-edge music the audience didn’t like.]” During my three-day visit to the historic summer dance venue, I enjoyed ...

Julius Garfinkle’s high integrity 5

Blacklisted actor John Garfield, né Julius Garfinkle, was the subject of a curtain talk at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences following a screening of his enthralling boxing movie, Body and Soul (1947), part of the Academy’s screenwriter-driven film-noir series. Garfield’s unswerving dignity as a Jewish boxer (improbably named Charlie Davis) dominates the ...