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What I learned about reggae artist Bob Marley from “Marley,” an inspiring new documentary produced by his son:

  • he was biracial (I did not know that)
  • he was the soul of jamaica 
  • he was gorgeous and nicely built
  • he was all music, from childhood
  • he was all artist, beatific in the final years of his life
  • he was a prolific composer and spurred the very development of reggae
  • his good career decisions led to his international popularity
  • his last full concert was at pittsburgh’s stanley theater 
  • he was 36 years old when he died. 

I did not know that. And it’s very very sad.

Highly recommended: “Marley” Really, just go. In Los Angeles @ Laemmle Pasadena 7 and at the Landmark.

2 thoughts on “Bob Marley remembered

  1. debra May 8,2012 11:19 am

    Glenn, when I include in my points above that he made good career decisions, notable among them was sucking it up and going on that Commodores tour as the opening act. Thank you for this note. I am enthralled by Bob Marley and his life story.

  2. Glenn BurnSilver May 8,2012 11:09 am

    And did you know that he was so good that before he and the Wailers headlined gigs, they routinely upstaged the headliners. In fact, he was scheduled to open for the Commodores on their 1975 ( I think) tour, but booted Bob off the tour after just three shows because he got a bigger ovation! The audience, I’m told, was calling for Marley when the Commodores took the stage. (It was his last show opening for them, not surprisingly.)
    Who da cap fit, let them wear it. No one had (or has) what Bob had.

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