The joy of ‘Nutcracker’ puppetry, courtesy of Bob Baker Marionettes

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Where puppet-theater is concerned, the “fun for kids of all ages” slogan is almost a cliche. And yet, it really applies. I am enchanted by the stringed shenanigans that are standard fare at Bob Baker Marionette Theater. Cuz, you get two shows in one, right? You get to watch the cleverly coiffed-and-garbed herky-jerky puppets … and you get to see the deft moves of the puppeteers who control them. Which is its own very special kind of dance.

fabulous photo credit to lisa whiteman

There’s something special about Bob Baker’s version, it’s historic at this point, having first debuted in 1969. It still features classic bits like the Sugarplum Fairy and her Promenading Cakes … Waltzing Flowers … the Nutcracker band, The Go-Go’s! and, the wonders beyond the Mysterious Door! 

So, see you at Bob Baker Marionette Theater!

Bob Baker’s Nutcracker | Bob Baker Marionette Theater | Nov 26 – Jan 8

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