Four-year residency for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater completes first lap at Music Center

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AAADT in Kyle Abraham’s ‘Are You in Your Feelings?’ photo by Paul Kolnik The hyper-popular Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater closed a seven-performance run, March 20-24, 2024, at the Los Angeles Music Center’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion yesterday — kind of a new post-COVID booking-high in southern California — bringing immense joy to myriad audience members ...

A.I.M. by Kyle Abraham, in third foray to Long Beach’s Carpenter Center

a choreographer of our timekyle abraham, courtesy u.s.a. today That the MacArthur Genius Award-winning choreographer Kyle Abraham could bring his dance wares to any stage in Los Angeles — as he has in the past — is an understatement. We’ve seen him at UCLA; last year at The Soraya; and at The Wallis. This season, ...

artsmeme to abraham: let’s talk ‘requiem: fire in the air of the earth’!

Kyle Abraham | Credit: Peter Hönnemann artsmeme founder debra levine recently enjoyed a zoom conversation with the very talented kyle abraham, who has been a choreographer ‘du-moment’ for nearly 15 years. this interview was commissioned, and first published, by the soraya, where a.i.m. by kyle abraham will perform his ‘requiem: fire at the center of the ...

REVIEW: Kyle Abraham/A.I.M. at Lincoln Center ‘Summer for the City’ 1

To take a summer break by visiting New York City (as I am), at a time when dance is mostly happening at bucolic out-of-town festivals, and to run into the prodigious choreographer Kyle Abraham‘s newest work for his Cadillac of a dance company, Abraham in Motion (A.I.M.) — is to luck out. The 70-minute, intermission-less ...

Saturday February 5th: Just say ‘no’ to Netflix!

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an untitled love, chor: kyle abraham As we bumble our way down the primrose path formerly known as real life, many have grown a tad too comfortable passing our evenings looking for love on streaming teevee services. I get it! #metoo! Guilty as charged! But don’cha think maybe the couch routine has outlasted its usefulness? ...

A minute + five years: ‘A.I.M. by Kyle Abraham’ to Long Beach 1

Drive (2017) It’s been a minute since Kyle Abraham’s velvety, street-smart choreography hit the dance-friendly stage of the Carpenter Performing Arts Center. In 2015 at the Center, Abraham was one of four choreographers to partner ballet goddess Wendy Whelan in the much-heralded “Restless Creature.” That minute has now extended to five years. On January 25, ...

Kicking off 2018: Kyle Abraham

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We like the always-evolving look of dancer/choreographer Kyle Abraham, who torques into a back layout dressed half-James Bond/half-garage mechanic in his camel-colored jumpsuit. A photo-portrait of Abraham by Los Angeles photographer Tatiana Wills got souped-up treatment on Facebook by J.G. Bocella. Fancy! Work the jumpsuit, Kyle. Jump!

Despondence emerges in choreographic language

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The culture is in upheaval; most everyone admits and discusses it. Artists, of course, feel it acutely — as do we all. It’s a conversation that best takes place in communities. One place is with an audience, at a theater. But how to translate these profound feelings, which seem so contingent on verbiage, into a ...

Review: Kyle Abraham’s superlative A.I.M. @ The Broad Stage

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Only a handful of contemporary choreographers could pull off an evening of the magnitude and excellence that Kyle Abraham did last night, together with his 8-member dance company,, at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica. For this type of presentation, that featuring the voice of a single choreographer, Kyle is now kyng. He’s keeping ...

Now’s the time … for Kyle

Because he has such stellar musical chops, choreographer Kyle Abraham will undoubtedly dig the allusion to Charlie Parker’s be-bop anthem “Now’s the Time.” The title of Bird’s composition resonates like a call to action. Abraham, like Parker, is very much an artist of his time. Abraham’s swell dance company, Abraham.In.Motion, will perform this weekend at ...