artsmeme to abraham: let’s talk ‘requiem: fire in the air of the earth’!

Kyle Abraham | Credit: Peter Hönnemann artsmeme founder debra levine recently enjoyed a zoom conversation with the very talented kyle abraham, who has been a choreographer ‘du-moment’ for nearly 15 years. this interview was commissioned, and first published, by the soraya, where a.i.m. by kyle abraham will perform his ‘requiem: fire at the center of the ...

REVIEW: Kyle Abraham/A.I.M. at Lincoln Center ‘Summer for the City’ 1

To take a summer break in New York (as I am) in August, when dance is mostly happening at bucolic out-of-town festivals, and to run into the prodigious choreographer Kyle Abraham‘s newest work for his Cadillac of a dance company, Abraham in Motion (A.I.M.) — the New York City premiere of Requiem: Fire in the ...

Saturday February 5th: Just say ‘no’ to Netflix!

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an untitled love, chor: kyle abraham As we bumble our way down the primrose path formerly known as real life, many have grown a tad too comfortable passing our evenings looking for love on streaming teevee services. I get it! #metoo! Guilty as charged! But don’cha think maybe the couch routine has outlasted its usefulness? ...

A minute + five years: ‘A.I.M. by Kyle Abraham’ to Long Beach 1

Drive (2017) It’s been a minute since Kyle Abraham’s velvety, street-smart choreography hit the dance-friendly stage of the Carpenter Performing Arts Center. In 2015 at the Center, Abraham was one of four choreographers to partner ballet goddess Wendy Whelan in the much-heralded “Restless Creature.” That minute has now extended to five years. On January 25, ...

Kicking off 2018: Kyle Abraham

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We like the always-evolving look of dancer/choreographer Kyle Abraham, who torques into a back layout dressed half-James Bond/half-garage mechanic in his camel-colored jumpsuit. A photo-portrait of Abraham by Los Angeles photographer Tatiana Wills got souped-up treatment on Facebook by J.G. Bocella. Fancy! Work the jumpsuit, Kyle. Jump!

Despondence emerges in choreographic language

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The culture is in upheaval; most everyone admits and discusses it. Artists, of course, feel it acutely — as do we all. It’s a conversation that best takes place in communities. One place is with an audience, at a theater. But how to translate these profound feelings, which seem so contingent on verbiage, into a ...

Review: Kyle Abraham’s superlative A.I.M. @ The Broad Stage

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Only a handful of contemporary choreographers could pull off an evening of the magnitude and excellence that Kyle Abraham did last night, together with his 8-member dance company,, at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica. For this type of presentation, that featuring the voice of a single choreographer, Kyle is now kyng. He’s keeping ...

Now’s the time … for Kyle

Because he has such stellar musical chops, choreographer Kyle Abraham will undoubtedly dig the allusion to Charlie Parker’s be-bop anthem “Now’s the Time.” The title of Bird’s composition resonates like a call to action. Abraham, like Parker, is very much an artist of his time. Abraham’s swell dance company, Abraham.In.Motion, will perform this weekend at ...

Ticket to dance, courtesy of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

During the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater‘s winter season in New York, ticketed dancegoers should hang onto their ducats! For 60 days following the Ailey performance you attend, your stub will be good for one free class at the Ailey Extension program. Those classes happen in the company’s glam, window-walled, mid-Manhattan building. You’ll get to ...

Kyle Abraham’s “Pavement” rolls down Laguna way 2

This wonderful photo by Carrie Schneider, reminiscent of Jerome Robbins’s mise-en-scene for “West Side Story,” comes courtesy of the Laguna Dance Festival. The annual dance fest on the cusp of its 12th season presents Kyle Abraham/Abraham.In.Motion as one of three programs on offer the weekend of September 22. Abraham’s troupe joins BODYTRAFFIC and BalletX on ...