Thanksgiving with Lydia the Tattooed Lady 1

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Our holiday pick: The Brothers Marx in their ode to the much-marked Lydia the Tattooed Lady. In Thanksgiving gratitude for Yip Harburg‘s brilliant lyric, “And a torso even moreso!” Kermit loves her too. Guitarist Gary Lucas plucks the polyphony – and poetry – in Groucho Marx’s torch song to the scribbled dame.

Fabulous: Gary Lucas to accompany Spanish “Dracula” @ Cinefamily

The uncannily talented virtuoso guitarist  Gary Lucas keeps coming up with amazing projects. The latest to arrive in Los Angeles is Gary’s guitar-plus accompaniment of “Dracula” (1931)—not the Tod Browning/Bela Lugosi blood-sucking variety, but “Dracula”‘s Spanish-language doppelganger. Unbeknownst to many film fans, a second, alternate, version of “Dracula” was filmed at Universal, by night, using ...

This week in Havana: Gary Lucas accompanies Antonioni films

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If you are down Havana way this weekend, be sure to drop in on the Gaia Arts Center in Old Havana. There, the infinitely gifted guitarist Gary Lucas will provide live accompaniment to screenings of director Michelangelo Antonioni‘s “Red Desert” and “Zabriskie Point.” The rooftop events, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, are part of a ...

Gary Lucas’s “scary magical Jews” terrify in “Der Golem” @ Cinefamily 1

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Grammy-nominated Gary Lucas, whom Rolling Stone calls “one of the best and most original guitarists in America,” performed his well-traveled and exceedingly harrowing  score to “Der Golem,” the brilliant 1920 silent horror exemplar of German expressionism. The sold-out performance took place earlier this evening at The Cinefamily on Fairfax Avenue — speaking of ghostly Jewish ...

She’s a rainbow, strums Gary Lucas at the Grammy Museum

The instant Gary Lucas put his hand to his acoustic guitar and blasted into “She’s a Rainbow,” I took off into the stratosphere. A one-way ticket to pleasure-ville. I had forgotten this great Rolling Stones anthem — a love paean by Jagger/Richards dedicated to their flower-child cohorts. She comes in colours. The globe-trotting musician played ...

NYT’s Larry Rohter writes on guitarist Gary Lucas

So very very cool to see a  New York Times piece on guitarist Gary Lucas written by film guy Larry Rohter: “The music business has never quite known what to make of Gary Lucas. Go to a site for streaming or downloading songs, and you may find his music consigned to a vague category called ...

Happy 70th birthday, Captain Beefheart

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Guitarist Gary Lucas‘s Captain Beefheart symposium was already in the works when he received a text message December 16 that Beefheart, aka Don Van Vliet, was no more. After years of suffering from multiple sclerosis, the enigmatic rock vocalist and musician, who had long forsaken music for painting, died at 69. Speaking to a theater ...