This week in Havana: Gary Lucas accompanies Antonioni films

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If you are down Havana way this weekend, be sure to drop in on the Gaia Arts Center in Old Havana. There, the infinitely gifted guitarist Gary Lucas will provide live accompaniment to screenings of director Michelangelo Antonioni‘s “Red Desert” and “Zabriskie Point.”

The rooftop events, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, are part of a Cuban celebration of Antonioni’s 100th anniversary. The great Italian modernist director was born in 1912.

In July, we saw Lucas accompany the German expressionist horror flick, “The Golem” (1920), for Cinefamily, at Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles. Just fabulous. “Golem” is Lucas’s signature film project, but he has others, seven in total. Here’s a sample from “Der Golem”:

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