Jail bait from Hollywood choreographer Alex Romero

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A new book “The Man Who Made the Jailhouse Rock: Alex Romero, Hollywood Choreographer,” author, Mark Knowles, briefly reviewed:

Alex Romero was one of the last of the Hollywood Studio staff choreographers who never received the attention or success he deserved. As if his life story is not remarkable enough, his talents were well known and used by Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Jack Cole, Hermes Pan and his credits range from spending time with stars like Janet Legh to help her with her role as a ballerina to creating “Jailhouse Rock” for Elvis Presley. Author Mark Knowles keeps the book warm and wonderful using excepts from the many year’s worth of interviews he had with Mr. Romero and has created a loving and fact-filled tribute. The detailed credits and Chapter Notes are delicious “icing” on this cake.

Let’s have a look at “Jailhouse Rock.”

Review reprinted from Amazon.com

Photo courtesy of Mark Knowles.

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