Pass half your life with Richard Linklater @ the Aero Theatre!



Bring your blankie and your bottle of scotch to the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica Friday February 6 for a nearly five-hour movie marathon as the American Cinematheque spools two of director Richard Linklater’s insightful cinematic sagas of the American male.

First up, the “aging in real time” BOYHOOD, a mere 165 minutes. Then follows the much-admired director’s rock-and-pot comedy, DAZED AND CONFUSED (1993), a tidy 102 minutes long.

The director will appear in-person for q&a between the two films.

Attending the Aero evening will itself be a rite of passage. You may be so old when you hobble from the theater, perhaps Linklater will nab a camera capture of your own life gone by you. We’re kidding of course, we loved experiencing “Boyhood” and recommend attending to enjoy one of our most prolific and free thinking filmmakers.

Richard Linklater double feature | Aero Theatre | Feb 6, 7:30 pm

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