Lustful doings: Barcelona Flamenco Ballet @ The Alex

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Suspense, intrigue, sex, scandal, love. That sounds like a pretty typical Saturday night in Glendale, California. But the town’s lustful doings will notch up to a new level Saturday April 16, when the historic Alex Theatre presents Luxurîa (“Lust”), a flamenco dance-theater sensation from Spain’s internationally renowned Barcelona Flamenco Ballet.

Barcelona Flamenco Ballet artistic directors, choreographers and ballarines principals (principal dancers) David Gutiérrez and Paula Reyes will be accompanied on the Alex stage by cantaor (singer) Joel de Pepaand guitarrista (guitarist) Jordi Centeno. Percussionista (percussionist) Gerardo Morales.

Luxurîa spins an intensely passionate tale about a charismatic artist (Gutiérrez) who encounters the love of his life (Reyes). The audience becomes privy to the performers’ most intimate emotions when “Lust” intervenes. And we say, bring it on! Make love, not war! Barcelona Flamenco Ballet’s innovative form of flamenco conveys the intensity, the passion and the tragedy as our hero is plagued by self-doubt, pride, despair and, ultimately, loneliness.

The Los Angeles performance is part of an eight-state tour, and I do feel that given international geopolitics, it would be a nice thing, from the safety of our community, to support these visiting artists from Europe. The Alex is a roomy theater, and will feel comfortable for the audience. Glendale, let’s do this! We’re going.

Luxurîa | Barcelona Flamenco Ballet | Alex Theater | Saturday, April 16, 8 pm

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