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la nijinska cover and author lynn garafola

A study of sibling rivalry? Or shared dance DNA? Lynn Garafola uncovers the astonishing life of the choreographer Bronislava Nijinska, long overshadowed by her brother, Vaslav Nijinsky, and yet long deserving of attention as one of the most notable choreographers of ballet modernism. Garafola constructs Nijinska’s world across three continents and multiple languages in a biography that challenges our understanding of the history of ballet, the impact of dance criticism, and the power of artistic legacies. On this occasion, Lynn, who is a friend of artsmeme, will be in dance dialogue with Julia Foulkes, also a distinguished author.

La Nijinska” book talk | New York Public Library for the Performing Arts | Thursday May 12, 6 pm Eastern

interlocutor jennifer homans, author toni bentley

Do you love Balanchine’s ballet choreographed to Tchaikowsky’s “Serenade for Strings”? Who doesn’t? And here’s an entire book devoted to Serenade (1934) as rendered by Balanchine for a neophyte group of dancers who anticipated New York City Ballet. In Serenade: A Balanchine Story former City Ballet dancer and author Toni Bentley provides fascinating background on Balanchine and how he created and renewed Serenade over the years. She’ll discuss her book with author and founder and director of NYU’s Center for Ballet and the Arts, Jennifer Homans.

Balanchine’s Serenade: A Conversation with Jennifer Homans and Toni Bentley | NYU Center for Ballet and the Arts OR virtual | May 9, 6 pm Eastern

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