Dirty laundry courtesy Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre


Dance maker Heidi Duckler, who shakes us out of our passive theater-going habits and drags us around our own city, brings her landmark site-specific work, Laundromatinee, to the La Brea Coin-Op.

These shows come on the [dirty] heels of Duckler’s ambitious Cleopatra CEO, a baroque corporate-opera set in the ghostly but seventies-resplendid executive offices of the Atlantic Richfield Corporation in downtown Los Angeles.

If you’ve never seen Laundromatinee, the sudsy Duckler classic that dates to 1988, now’s the time. It’s really clever, fun, and well performed.

And, um, I didn’t want to mention it, but haven’t you been looking a bit scruffy lately ….?? Lather up!

heidi duckler photo, downtown news

Laundromatinee | LaBrea Coin Op | June 16, multiple performances

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