Hendrix gives free concert @ The Grammy Museum

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In the photo, the great Jimi Hendrix performs a free concert in the Panhandle, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, June 1967. This seminal image is among sixty now on view as the GRAMMY Museum celebrates one of the most pivotal years in music — and the photographer who captured it, in Jim Marshall’s 1967. Jim ...

Frank Morgan tribute concert @ Los Angeles Film Festival

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Film festivals (let’s put “film” in quotes, since virtually nothing on film is actually screened anymore) should be about more than moviegoing. I know regulars at the Berlin film festival who swear that their personal highlight is the annual sidebar, Kulinarisches Kino (Culinary Cinema), which thematically links a movie with a meal. Filmmakers who attend ...

Koehler on Cinema: Los Angeles Film Festival day two

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The gold standard in that odd sub-genre, the Funny Country Bumpkins Movie, remains Gyorgy Palfi’s beautiful and amusing “Hukkle,” set in a remote Hungarian village. Palfi’s fellow Hungarian, Agnes Sos, tries to one-up Palfi’s bumpkins in her little doc, “Stream of Love,” by showing—shock of shocks—that old folks really love sex. I don’t doubt that ...

Meeting Art Laboe, L.A.’s pioneering rock ‘n roll deejay

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We enjoyed meeting the amazing Los Angeles radio legend, Art Laboe, Wednesday night at the Grammy Museum downtown. Laboe’s a pioneer in many ways — issuing the first-ever record compilations and coining the expression “Oldies But Goodies.” The deejay is very much alive and kicking; though in his eighties, he was in great shape cruising ...

James Brown’s third set in Shrevesport: “I Feel Good” before “Man’s World” 1

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Pictured above [click on it for detail], a boggling play list of a James Brown set, dating from the 1970s. Scrawled in Brown’s handwriting on Holiday Inn Shrevesport Louisiana letterhead, it’s part of the James Brown tribute exhibition now at the Grammy Museum in downtown Los Angeles. The show includes costumes, memorabilia, video of the ...

She’s a rainbow, strums Gary Lucas at the Grammy Museum

The instant Gary Lucas put his hand to his acoustic guitar and blasted into “She’s a Rainbow,” I took off into the stratosphere. A one-way ticket to pleasure-ville. I had forgotten this great Rolling Stones anthem — a love paean by Jagger/Richards dedicated to their flower-child cohorts. She comes in colours. The globe-trotting musician played ...