Writer revered! Leonard Maltin at roundtable prior to Robert Osborne Award

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It was a special occasion, April 23, 2022, and an honor, to be among the writers, all drawn to TCM Classic Film Festival 2022 by a shared interest in Hollywood history, and all in admiration of the modest gentleman at the end of a long table — he who wrote the film bible, Leonard Maltin’s ...

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre buried in chazzerai at TCM Fest

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It’s still going, more or less. The quaint tradition begun by showman Sid Grauman at his Chinese Theatre (which by some miracle, still stands): hands, feet, and autographs plonked into a square of still-wet cement. The photo above was taken from across Hollywood Boulevard looking toward the footprint ceremony for Cicely Tyson at TCM Fest ...

Critic Robert Koehler’s TCM Fest 2017 game plan

Despite the untimely death of its venerated, longtime host, film historian Robert Osborne, this year’s TCM Classic Film Festival isn’t likely to take on a funereal mood. Instead, it’ll probably be more like a wake.    That’s because the overarching theme of the new edition is comedy, under the theme, “Make ‘Em Laugh: Comedy in the ...

Comedy-themed TCM Fest 2017 unfunny in oversight of women 2

In our writing about TCM Classic Film Festival four years ago, we gushed in print, “We love the women of TCM Classic Film Festival 2013.” That year, the annual festival (we have covered TCM Fest since its inception in 2010) honored Barbra Streisand’s tour-de-force film debut in “Funny Girl.” Tippi Hedren, Eva Marie Saint, Mitzi ...

In memorium: Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

A life well lived, and a great contributor to our culture. It was my honor to have been interviewed by him, to converse with him at TCM Fest and on the TCM Cruise. And naturally, to spend countless evenings in his company watching movies on Turner Classic Movies. It is a great loss that I ...

We love the women of TCM Classic Film Festival 2013

This was our fourth year attending the marvelously programmed, super well-organized TCM classic film festival right in the center of our city. The Festival opened with a bang — a screening of Barbra Streisand’s powerhouse film debut in FUNNY GIRL (1968). It continued through the weekend, highlighting many admirable women of the classic Hollywood community. ...

Mitzi Gaynor opens TCM Fest 2013 1

Because we love her… yes, we love you Mitzi … here’s to you.

Robert Osborne asks: “Why did Jack Cole fade away?” 2

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A sample from “Choreography by Jack Cole” to be broadcast Monday September 10 (8 pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific) on Turner Classic Movies.

Preview! Jack Cole honored on Turner Classic Movies September 10 4

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Read the story on the Turner Classic Movies website.

“Choreography by Jack Cole” on TCM September 10 4

On Monday, September 10, 2012 Turner Classic Movies will dedicate an evening to the brilliant creativity of Jack Cole. The evening features four films choreographed by Cole  — he himself dances in two of them. I co-host the September broadcast with TCM’s Robert Osborne. Films on the slate: Tonight & Every Night (1945) – 8 ...