Robert Osborne asks: “Why did Jack Cole fade away?” 2

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A sample from “Choreography by Jack Cole” to be broadcast Monday September 10 (8 pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific) on Turner Classic Movies.

2 thoughts on “Robert Osborne asks: “Why did Jack Cole fade away?”

  1. Eileen B. Peters Sep 11,2012 5:07 am

    Thank you so very much for co-hosting the evening of films dedicated to Jack Cole and his fine work. I was completely unaware of who he was and is to the fields of dance and film, I’m ashamed to say. Your comments though brief because of the format were incredibly informative and truly made me appreciate what I was seeing and gave me fine tips for what to watch for in the dance numbers. I’m also a huge fan of classic films but had previously missed seeing On the Riviera and Les Girls, which seems crazy now that I HAVE seen them. Yes! Please DO write a book and include as many photos as you can receive permission to reprint. It would be fascinating to know not only about his successes & triumphs as well as the more controversial and troubling side of his working style and personality. All of it goes into what makes a true Legend. It seems the dance world is famously populated by these characters and artists who are have a brutal, torturous side to their genius.

    I’ve looked him up and started learning more and I feel lucky to have discovered you, a true pleasure for a small town girl in Texas. I hope TCM will have you back and would LOVE to see a full presentation or hear a talk at one of their festivals or on one of their cruises.

    …And “Dear TCM, Mr. Osborne, Ben & Bill: Please continue presenting films with these wonderful experts on the films and all sorts of topics related to the films, stars, film makers, the process, cultural background/influence, history, etc., etc. I LOVE it when you educate me while entertaining us! Keep em coming! …It’s a total WIN when you have folks like Ms. Levine and educated celeb programmers on deck!”

  2. SHARON HAWK Sep 8,2012 2:41 am

    Tony Martin was an outstanding singer and actor. He passed away this last July 2012. His son passed away in 2011. I loved his voice as many others did. His acting in the Casbah with Peter Lorre was outstanding. I am 65 but remember watching this movie at 18 and it has stayed in memory for years as one of the best movies I ever saw. Cyd Charisse was also a great dancer and actress and both were married for 60 years, there is something to be said for that today. Please have a week of movies for each of them in tribute and particularly the Casbah and please email me when you plan to do so on Channel 60. I am an avid fan of Turner Classics. Thanks for listening and see you at the Casbah. Watch the movie and I be you will be intrigued. These people though not always in the limelight were very gifted and wonderful actors.
    Sharon Hawk

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