America, choose your old guy 2


Last night was a tough choice. Very, very hard. Whether to watch Clint Eastwood address the Republican National Convention saying things like “We own this country” (watching the RNC makes me want to cash out), versus a quick drive to the Levitt Pavilion in MacArthur Park where the groovy, happening reggae singer, Don Carlos, a key alum of Black Uhuru, gave a free concert.

Cloaked in warm late-August evening air, the concert was a love fest. Launching Labor Day weekend early, we dropped — correction, we dumped — the week’s cares, worries and woes to float along the reggae rhythms. A throng of salt-‘n-peppa people, Angelenos of every variety, faced off our city’s impressive downtown skyline. Carlos fans, mostly guys, clustered near to the stage; others sprinkled around around the grassy bowl of which the Pavilion is focal point. There they boogeyed pleasurably to the rude-rock-reggae of Carlos and his bitchin’ band. Dads clutched infants as they rocked steady; ladies of all sizes and shapes swayed and smiled. arts·meme was right in there as was the great doyenne of The Levitt Pavilions, Elizabeth Levitt Hirsch. It was a party.

My vote for the coolest geezer of Thursday night? Two hands raised high in the air for Don Carlos. Now that’s democracy!

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2 thoughts on “America, choose your old guy

  1. Carrie Turner Jan 5,2013 11:35 pm

    Dear Mr. Eastwood, My dream is to meet you in person. Please, I am a Licensed Nurse, come from a good broken family. I have to meet You!! Please consider me for one of your community tax right offs!! Please meet me!!

  2. Liz Levitt Hirsch Aug 31,2012 10:51 am

    Love this, ja man . . . .

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