Ailey rep line-up for O.C. lacks work by female choreographer

Paul Taylor oversees Alvin Ailey “Arden Court” rehearsal. Photo by Andrea Mohin/The New York Times, companion to Gia Kourlis’ piece On tap during the upcoming seven-performance roster of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in Orange County: a juicy line-up of works by primarily American choreographers — we really like that and we include Ohad Naharin ...

REVIEW: Rennie Harris’s “REIGN” rains on China

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A woman stands at stage center, her knee-length black dress draping loosely over trousers. She’s trembling. Flashing lights — a disco? faux lightening? — cut the stage’s darkness. The sound of thunder, then rain, pours from the speakers. It’s loud, overpowering. The woman suffers, she’s convulsing; her corn-rowed hair flies in the syncopated rhythm. A ...

Lula tour makes HuffPo headline!


Lula Washington kicks it in Xinyang City with Rennie Harris’s fabulous REIGN

Hip-hop and house dance hit Henan Province hard last week. Lula Washington Dance Theatre kills in this blistering piece created for them by choreographer Rennie Harris. If you live in China where the government blocks, view it here. video courtesy u.s. embassy in beijing, keith lommel, videographer, translator, china hand, sound mixer

Micah Moch flies in Rennie Harris’s “Reign” in Luohe, P.R.C.

Micah in the middle. Photo courtesy Keith Lommel, U.S. Embassy in Beijing