It’s a pah-tay! Rennie Harris FUNKEDIFIED @ the Ford 2

fabulous photo by Julieta Cervantes for the New York Times shows
Joshua Culbreath and Puremovement in “Funkedified”

Let’s face it. The John Anson Ford Amphitheatre is the best place in town to get up get down get funky get loose.

That’s because … hey, you’re outdoors! You’re not boxed in by walls. You’re not cramped by a ceiling. You’re sitting on a mountain! Before you is the stage’s magical hillside ‘second wall’ — with cedar trees giving breathing backdrop to performances. You’re beneath a bed of stars; sometimes you are actually seated next to stars. (Last month the handsome and molto-talented film director, Alejandro González Iñárritu, quaffed red wine across the aisle from me while enjoying “Last Whispers: Oratorio for Vanishing Voices.”)


It’s time to celebrate all of this freedom. The Ford’s spunky artistic director Olga Garay-English is arranging a benefit performance, and she’s made a delectable choice for her gala program. It’s Rennie Harris’s boundary-breaking revisiting of his pioneering street-dance vocabulary, Funkedified. Harris is a startlingly good choreographer, but this time, he presents a multimedia time-travel … going back to the funk music and street dance of the 1970s.

Versa-Style Dance

Inspired by the political turmoil and atmosphere of Harris’ childhood, Rennie Harris Funkedified will be performed by dancers from Rennie Harris Puremovement. Also participating are The Hood Lockers, one of the most seminal locking groups since Don Campbell and The Campbell Lock Dancers; and LA’s own Versa-Style Dance Company. A live band will pay homage to the music of such funk legends such as James Brown, George Clinton.

the hood-lockers

The Ford benefit concert-package includes pre-concert reception, premier parking, artist meet and greet, and more is on sale here. It’s a super way of supporting the Ford. Brian Seibert liked ‘Funkedified’ in the New York Times. Need I say more? Make it funky!

disclosure: artsmeme is proud to advertise this event on behalf of ford theatres

Rennie Harris Funkedified | Ford Amphitheatre | July 20

2 thoughts on “It’s a pah-tay! Rennie Harris FUNKEDIFIED @ the Ford

  1. debra levine Jul 18,2019 2:49 pm

    We LOVE the scoop, sister Shea! Congratulations.

  2. Shea New Jul 18,2019 2:29 pm

    Rennie Harris will be receiving our Lifetime Achievement Award at the 22nd annual Palm Desert Choreography Festival Nov 9th., Debra. So exciting to honor him and his vision for hip hop! But ssshhh! No press release yet. So you’ve scooped it.

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