Revisiting movie “classics” that aren’t 3

It’s almost a dare. A film festival, in this case TCM Classic Film Festival 2014, which virtually took over Hollywood Boulevard for five days this past May, declares, in its title, its focus on movie “classics.” Nothing but “classics.” Really? Consider that perhaps a few of those “classics” are overrated. Then consider that some are ...

Author Scott Eyman to discuss “John Wayne – The Life and Legend” Apr 14

Film · Language & ideas
Just because TCM Classic Film Festival will be ramping down on Hollywood Boulevard next Monday does not mean that fantastic film events will disappear! Indeed, April 14 offers a stellar and intimate conversation with one of the nation’s leading scholars and writers of Hollywood history, discussing his latest oeuvre, his biography of John Wayne. That ...

Remembering Republic Pictures 2

We’re very excited to attend a celebration, hosted by Hollywood Heritage, of the films and stars of Republic Pictures. Founded in 1935 by Herbert J. Yates, Republic Pictures was an independent film production-distribution corporation with studio facilities. Republic’s brand focused on westerns, movie serials and B-films emphasizing mystery and action — Saturday matinee staples. Troupers ...