Our New Year’s Baby, Christian Holder, with tail

photo courtesy christian holder Well he couldn’t be cuter, could he? A New Year’s Baby — with a tail! A very good tale accompanies this photo … Christian Holder was born in a trunk, but not in Pocatello, Idaho; rather, in the faraway island of Trinidad. Moving to his mother’s native London while still an ...

TCM Fest: The rise and rise of digital restoration 1

Last weekend’s unveiling of seven digital restorations (five of them world premieres) at the fifth annual TCM Classic Film Festival came at an interesting moment. I saw four of them, and had previously seen a fifth, Hitchcock’s half-silent/half-sound 1929 “The Lodger,” at LACMA’s “Hitchcock 9” program. It was impossible to see all of them due ...

Remembering Republic Pictures 2

We’re very excited to attend a celebration, hosted by Hollywood Heritage, of the films and stars of Republic Pictures. Founded in 1935 by Herbert J. Yates, Republic Pictures was an independent film production-distribution corporation with studio facilities. Republic’s brand focused on westerns, movie serials and B-films emphasizing mystery and action — Saturday matinee staples. Troupers ...