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4-c_republic_logoWe’re very excited to attend a celebration, hosted by Hollywood Heritage, of the films and stars of Republic Pictures.

Founded in 1935 by Herbert J. Yates, Republic Pictures was an independent film production-distribution corporation with studio facilities. Republic’s brand focused on westerns, movie serials and B-films emphasizing mystery and action — Saturday matinee staples.

Troupers of the stalwart studio who will appear at the event include Anne Jeffreys, Marjorie Lord, Ben Cooper, Peggy Stewart, Julietta “Tweeny” Canova, Mary Carlisle, Dickie Jones and Fay McKenzie.

All worked at Republic in its heyday from 1935-1959.

In addition, Karla Buhlman from the Gene Autry Foundation will discuss the singing cowboy’s unique relationship with the studio and its head, Herbert J. Yates.

Jeffrey Richardson, associate curator at the Autry Museum, will discuss other western stars who appeared in Republic features: John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Rex Allen.

John_Wayne - the quiet manBryan Cooper, president of Hollywood Heritage who is personally organizing the event, chatted today with arts·meme. Said Bryan: “We’ll have eight celebrities in attendance who worked at Republic back in the day, describing their experiences and seeing clips. It will take us back so we can re-live the glory of a studio that has largely been forgotten.”

He continued: “Most people remember it for westerns, but there are huge, iconic movies that were made at Republic. Like Orson Welles’ “Macbeth,” and John Ford’s “The Quiet Man.” And of course lots of John Wayne movies like “Rio Grande.” Republic now owns the rights for “It’s a Wonderful Life”; there are many movies in every one’s psyche associated with Republic, and we’re trying to give it some due recognition.”

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Republic Pictures Salute | Hollywood Heritage | Lasky-DeMille Barn | June 12, 7:30 pm

2 thoughts on “Remembering Republic Pictures

  1. debra Jun 11,2013 7:11 pm

    Fascinating comment, Stephen, thank you!

  2. Stephen Manes May 29,2013 11:14 am

    Ah, yes, Republic, home of Vera Hruba Ralston, the amazing Czech iceskater/actress who happened to be married to the head of the studio–that selfsame Herbert Yates. Ah, the memories!

    I actually worked as the official stock footage librarian for National Telefilm Associates, the company that at the time (1972 or so) owned the Republic Pictures library–and if memory serves, had earlier cut down the NEGATIVES of many of the lesser films because no self-respecting TV station would want to run a show longer than an hour. This was the same company that accidentally let the copyright of “It’s a Wonderful Life” lapse; rooting around in the files one day, I actually held an instance of the very Christmas card on which that movie was based. NTA later renamed itself. . . wait for it . . . “Republic Pictures.”

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