The lion sleeps tonight. Then he roars. Then he dances.

Architecture & Design · Dance
The lion roars at Clifton’s Cafeteria, relaunching in downtown L.A.
photo: Harald Kanz
Bradley Shelver in Japanese Spear Dance by Ted Shawn (1919)
photo Julie Lemberger

Tough times bring out the beast. There were lion viewings on both Coasts two weekends ago.

On the Left Coast, the lion roars in a new installation at recently re-re-furbished Clifton’s Republic, the erstwhile Clifton’s Cafeteria. (I am not sure why there is a lion at Clifton’s, but there is one.) On the East Coast, a Denishawn “revival” concert re-stages “Japanese Spear Dance” choreographed in 1919. A wild beast named Ted Shawn first enacted that role. Our intrepid New York City dance correspondent, Susan Reiter, reviews the dance concert here.

Soundtrack here.

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