Gehry! Honoring L.A.’s great architect-designer

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A great party approaches at the end of October: Bill Stern’s annual fundraiser to support the virtual Museum of California Design. This year ‘s great ‘get,’ the honoring of the sage and visionary architect and designer Frank Gehry, who will be granted the Museum’s 2015 Henry Award for Outstanding Contributions to American Design by a ...

Review: Lucinda Childs’ “Available Light” @ Disney Hall 6

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It was the silver-mesh curtain draped across Disney Hall’s “McFries” pipe organ that gave the performance its first “wow” moment. Almost as though architect/set designer Frank Gehry tossed a throw-rug over a messy sofa to ‘red up for the guests. But Gehry’s living room is none other than L.A.’s stellar fantastic transformational concert hall named ...

Jazz cooking at the Bakery, all ’round town

While the Jazz Bakery’s next, new home is being prepared in Culver City, Ruth Price books her floating concert series in some of the best listening venues around town. One of them is the Moss Theatre on the campus of the Herb Alpert Educational Village in Santa Monica. A horseshoe-shaped stage with wrap-around seating, fine ...