Our town and its city dwellers, by David Hockney @ LACMA 2

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Friend of arts·meme, the arts publicist Caroline Graham, poses with her portrait painted by her long-time friend, the British-born artist David Hockney. Caroline’s likeness occupies a prominent corner of “82 Portraits and 1 Still Life,” the new Hockney exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). In the photo, Graham wears the elegant ...

Print pioneers of Los Angeles: Gemini G.E.L. 1

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It’s no surprise anymore when an American artist of any discipline or media turns out prints. Painter, sculptor, installation specialist, conceptualist, land mover—all find something in their trick bags that will fit on a piece of paper with a high-rag content. It wasn’t always so. None of the Abstract Expressionist vilde chayas who dominated 1950s ...

David Hockney, choreographer of the canvas

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Confronted by the astonishingly energetic recent output of artist David Hockney in “Painting and Photography,” on view at L.A. Louver Gallery, I was struck by how dancerly were the images, framed though they were in rectangles. The artist’s distinct consideration of bodies – and objects – arranged in space evoke avant-garde dance. In particular: a ...

It depends on your point of view, says David Hockney @ L.A. Louver

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“Painting and Photography,” a solo exhibition of new work by David Hockney developed over the past two years in his Los Angeles studio, explores the relationship between painting and photography, the artist’s interest in depicting perspective, as well as his fascination with using new technology to create images. The show marks Hockney’s 16th solo exhibition at ...

A mid-century moment for LACMA

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Most everyone who has lived in Los Angeles any length of time has intersected with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Since its 1965 inception, LACMA has been inextricably woven into the city’s cultural history. Maybe you remember the imbroglio over Ed Kienholz’s 1966 “Backseat Dodge” tableau that had the city council up on ...

Sculpture meets photography in Peter Schlesinger’s L.A. homecoming show

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Days after seeing Peter Schlesinger’s wonderful photograph, France 1968 (above), part of the L.A.-born artist’s sculpture and photography show at Duke & Duke Gallery, I figured out why I love  it. It reminds me of a David Hockney painting. The hot color clash, cool depiction of the leisure class, and disparate figures all hearken the ...