Japanese cinema-viewing art, ‘benshi,’ in global tour, soon in Los Angeles

There are all kinds of ways that presenters of silent movies augment their films, or not, ranging from a rinky-dink upright piano with a guy pounding it out at the side of the screen, to the kinds of full orchestral accompaniment we have enjoyed in recent years. But the Japanese tradition, Benshi, is something new ...

Afternoon of a Tramp

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The nymph dance in the dream sequence of the 30-minute short film Sunnyside (Charles Chaplin, 1919) has been recognized as a tribute to the ballet. Charlie met Nijinsky in December 1916.Charlie met Anna Pavlova in 1922.

French music hall revisited with “Monsieur Chocolat” @ COLCOA

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“Monsieur Chocolat,” a biopic set in the fin-de-siècle world of French circus and music hall opened the 20th anniversary edition of COLCOA French Film Festival in Los Angeles last night, bringing exotica and rich visual zing to the big screen of the Director’s Guild of America. The film’s talented director Roschy Zem and its star, ...

On Veteran’s Day, Hollywood legend Norman Lloyd to introduce “The Great Dictator” 1

photo credit: Valerie Macon/Getty Images For November’s edition of “Evening @ the Barn,” the fun monthly presentation series of Hollywood Heritage, a fitting event will truly let freedom ring, American-style. Charles Chaplin‘s political satire, “The Great Dictator” (1940, starring Chaplin, Jack Oakie, Billy Gilbert and Paulette Goddard) will have a special Veteran’s Day screening at the ...

Vaslav & the Tramp 2

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Los Angeles, December 1916: An encounter between two great body-artists — Vaslav Nijinsky and Charles Chaplin. Never saw Nijinsky looking happier. Chaplin was making Easy Street. The Tramp met The Dying Swan in 1922. Like this? Read more: The Tramp meets the Dying Swan Charlie Chaplin in China

The Tramp meets the Dying Swan

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Two great ‘movement artists, Charles and Anna, pose for a photo looking like something more than just “cordial colleagues.” The photo is dated 1922. Like this? Read more: Pavlov(a)’s dog of a movie. Anna Pavlova visits Hollywood Happy Birthday, Charlie Chaplin Charles Chaplin in China

Happy Birthday, Charlie Chaplin! 1

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Anyone who trolls mid-city Los Angeles will recognize the wonderful Tudor-style building at right (you can click on the photo). Creative dynamo Charles Chaplin, one of L.A.’s real go-getters, built it in 1917. And, there, leaning against the wall of his very own film factory stands the lovely Chaplin. It’s a pretty proud moment for ...

Charles Chaplin covered the waterfront — in China

It’s kind of an ongoing  joke in Los Angeles that every neighborhood boasts a building or location that Charles Chaplin supposedly built, or invested in. Alternately, in that place, Chaplin lived, shot a movie, or (most probable) partied. The guy got around! He was at every social event, every film opening, each great hostess’s soiree. He was L.A.’s ...