Excuse me, Mr. Lipschitz’s sculpture, could you kindly move over?

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You walk your dog, right? And you lug your groceries from the market to the car. So why shouldn’t the Los Angeles Music Center, as part of its $40 million Plaza renovation project, take its Jacques Lipschitz “Peace on Earth” sculpture for a little stroll as well? It’s been sitting in the same spot since 1966. Even a 30-foot tall sculpture needs a change of scenery from time to time!

A bunch of arts-loving hard-hat guys did that last Saturday July 21. Remember that ouchy! hot day? Were you lifting a 10-ton bronze statue? No? Then quit complaining!

It was just a 100-foot move, from the Plaza center to the Plaza side. As we all know, this historic landmark, a commission for the French-born Lipschitz by two of The Music Center’s original founders, Lloyd Rigler and Lawrence Deutsch, passed its life in the midst of a lovely fountain. There in the midday sun it cooled down; there in the evening it took a public bath. There, one time we recall, a choreographer made a dance around it.

The sculpture, along with the dove of peace roosting on its top, has a super new location on the west side of The Music Center Plaza near a planned restaurant. It sounds like the perfect spot to enjoy the Lipschitz — from a fresh perspective.

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