Let choreographer Laura Karlin decorate your home


I very much enjoyed Invertigo Dance Theatre founder/choreographer Laura Karlin‘s “Interior Design,” a high point of the vigorous opening night of the Los Angeles Dance Festival last weekend.

Hosted by director Deborah Brockus at the cozy Theatre Raymond Kabbaz, this year’s festival offered a parade of Los Angeles dance companies the opportunity to display their wares. But Karlin’s piece created a home within a home, as the choreographer let us peer through the peephole at a young couple moving into  their new place. What should be a joyous and simple occasion grows thorny and problematic as the couple squabble and receive a neighbor’s disturbing ‘welcome’ visit.

Karlin showed confident facility in keeping this domestic drama advancing — and it was so well delivered by its good cast, Hyosun Choi and Jonathan Bryant. When some deep feelings get pricked, you find yourself actually caring about the characters Karlin has created. It was so well done that I wonder about the wisdom of further extending this boutique work, as it feels very complete as it is.

Capping this fun evening was a Heidi Duckler special, a site-specific work in which two maidens frolic and explore the Lycee Francais’s outdoor patio. As they tumble, the sight of red undergarments popping from under their blue-and-white ‘Madeline” dresses convert the duo into dancing French flags. Another super-duper site-specific outing that no one does quite like Duckler.

photo credit: cheryl mann

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