On International Animation Day, French short subjects at Theatre Raymond Kabbaz


Pierre Leloup, artistic director of Theatre Raymond Kabbaz appreciates film animation and doesn’t believe it should just be for kids: “Animated film is an art form in its own on right,” says Pierre, adding that these marvelous, hand-crafted movies “efficiently introducing challenging topics in a visually compelling way, leaving plenty of room for symbolism, fantasy, and manifold narrative strategies.”

Pierre omitted one important detail. Animated films are fun. Naturally they range in subject, but they are overall joyous and easy on the eye. An ambitious program of eight short, animated films by French filmmakers (three of them are nominated for Cesar Awards for 2021) will bring magic to a live-in-person audience at Theatre Raymond Kabbaz’s cozy venue on Pico Boulevard. There is also an online viewing option.

The event, which its approximately 80-minute run time, may or may not be delayed by the wine-and-cheese reception during intermission. I vote for delayed!

A Festival film guide is here. And, please do not panic: All films are with English subtitles. Suitable for kids over 15. But not the wine!

French Animation Fest | Theatre Raymond Kabbaz | in-person or on-line | October 28

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