‘A Week of French Language Cinema’ is a good week!


Some call it “Francophonie.” Others call it “la belle langue.” All we know is it just feels nice on the world-weary brain to allow the dulcet tone of francais into your ears — if only for a few hours.

For the fifteenth year straight, in collaboration with the Consulates General of Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, France, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Quebec Government Office in Los Angeles, and Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles, TRK presents A Week of French Language Cinema, with nightly screenings of critically acclaimed French language films, from March 19 through March 25.

A Week of French Language Cinema is organized annually to coincide with the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF)’s celebration of the French language and Francophone culture on March 20. The event is the perfect showcase to present the artistry of French-language voices the world over. A well-curated program is lovingly presented by our friends at Theatre Raymond Kabbaz, which attracts a very smart and cool and relaxed audience. And me. I’m there for the baguette sandwiches and red wine.

The films range a spectrum from documentary to fictional, and several programs include a short.

Tues Mar 19 Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person [Canada]
Wed Mar 20 Respire [Quebec]
Thurs Mar 21 Colette et Justin [Congo]
Fri March 22 Les Gentils [Belgium]
Sat Mar 23 Last Dance [Switzerland, Belgium]
Sun Mar 24 L’enfant du paradis [France]
Mon Mar 25 Deux [Luxembourg / France / Belgium]

Tickets for each screening are only $10, or $50 for a pass for the whole week (7 nights/9 movies), and include a free pre-screening buffet at 7pm. Not that French people are playing favorites, but the French screening on March 24 will include the free buffet during intermission.

All films with English subtitles.

A Week of French Language Cinema | Theatre Raymond Kabbaz | March 19-25

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