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Gobs of personal courage and febrile movement invention were on display in her choreography, last night, in “Mouth to Mouth” for Ate9 dANCEcOMPANY at the Los Angeles Theatre Center. But my biggest fascination — and pleasure — came from a close-up look at Israeli-born-and-trained Danielle Agami as a dancer.

agamiCoiling amidst her wonderful “Ate9” gang (all amazing, deep-digging dancers), clad in what appeared to be black boxer shorts and a “clams-on-the-half-shell” brassiere that left her lovely back exposed, Agami brought to mind other high priestesses mingling in with their troupes: Martha, Doris, Twyla. An exquisitely stylish dancer whose confusing physicality mixes a buzz-cut hairdo with feminine neck and shoulders and a generous butt and thighs, Agami, in performance, ports a dark facial expression flickering between shyness and crazy danger. The former Batsheva dancer has a great dance walk, a marvelous forward-pitching penche arabesque, whatever she does carries mystery and allure. She’s the kind of dancer who truly appears to live onstage, moment by moment, in a highly conscious state. A mesmerizing performance, a very big pay-off after years of L.A. dance-viewing to see a woman artist of this caliber create dance in our city.

Photo credit: Jeff Forbes 

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    Very nice article.
    Like Tapas – just a small taste of something delicious.

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