arts·meme exclusive: Ronni Chasen first anniversary murder slideshow

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We lived through ’em all — OJ murder, freeway chase, and trial; Rodney King beating and ensuing riot; Northridge earthquake, and the endless parade of pulpy misdeeds that happen in Los Angeles all the time.

But none of it, not a one, could top the Ronni Chasen murder last November for its undiluted brand of L.A. noir. It tinged and prefigured a creepy holiday season one year ago  — from the pert blonde publicist’s gritty death in a polished black sedan; through the suicide-offing of Harold Smith, drifter/grifter and alleged bicycle-killer; to the bumbling Keystone Kops investigation… gripping, priceless, stranger than fiction.

The insane conclusion by Beverly Hills detectives: murder by bicycle! No disrespect to the dead, but gawd! that was a good one.

Thank you arts·meme artist, Benoit Le Pennec.

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