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The snapshot at left captures a moment that is precious, ephemeral, and intimate. Three artists, each immersed in private thought, prepare to perform.

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It’s a backstage photo of Ballet Alicia Alonso, now the Cuban National Ballet, dating  from the 1948-49 season. Then, a spirited young American ballerina, Edith Brozak McMann, danced in the company.

Edith always clutched her brownie camera in her hand. She took marvelous pictures, souvenirs. She all but went on stage with it.

Now retired and a painter, Edith has been assiduously scanning and uploading her photo treasures from Cuba, as well as those of her international touring with New York City Ballet.

Pictured are prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso, her then husband and partner, Fernando, and orchestra conductor, Seymour Finkelstein.

Edith had the prescience to take these shots.  It cannot have been easy for her to do.

Edith, thank you~!

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  1. Adria Rolnik Oct 1,2011 3:46 pm

    Nice story – was redirected to this blog from FB – friends with Edith McMann. Nice story! Kudos!

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