Cirque du Soleil’s swell Hollywood opening night party

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artsmeme’s debra levine & hollywood dance historian larry billman

Fun photos of the super party the Cirques threw in Los Angeles last night posted below. The mighty Montreal’eans upped and closed, from car traffic, a humongous stretch of Hollywood Boulevard in front of the Kodak Theater. There, under a tent, to thumping, hypnotic music, attendees were plied with kooky cocktails and French macaroons. We then got packed onto a Ferris wheel, to spin maniacally ’til we agreed to love the new show, “Iris.”

Hey, we liked it anyway! Pictured below, you’ll find:

  • your humble, hard-working arts·meme correspondents, Debra Levine and Larry Billman, enjoying the evening;
  • groovy audience participation in the pageant — a pretty girl in the lobby, a derriere-challenged “Iris” cast member seeks her seat … um, in a manner of speaking.
  • Hollywood Boulevard’s dearly departed denizens rising from the sidewalk to join in the fun.

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