Ivan Kirov, the dancing star of “Specter of the Rose”

Dance · Film
“I’m no good. I’m just some muscles that can dance. The rest of me is rubbish — broken glass and rubbish.” So self-describes the lead character, Andre Sanine, of “Specter of the Rose” (1946, Republic Pictures). He’s mouthing writer-producer-director Ben Hecht’s lurid and kitsch-adjacent movie dialogue. Hecht created “Specter” in a couple of weeks, for ...

Remembering Republic Pictures 2

We’re very excited to attend a celebration, hosted by Hollywood Heritage, of the films and stars of Republic Pictures. Founded in 1935 by Herbert J. Yates, Republic Pictures was an independent film production-distribution corporation with studio facilities. Republic’s brand focused on westerns, movie serials and B-films emphasizing mystery and action — Saturday matinee staples. Troupers ...