Wyler’s ‘House Divided’ rises from the vaults @ MoMA

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A House Divided — it’s one of those handy generic titles that has lent itself to half a dozen movies and a whole lotta TV episodes over the years. Back in 1931, it was an especially apt name for an early talkie starring Walter Huston, neatly encapsulating the drama’s dark oedipal stew. It’s a work ...

TCM Fest: Stacy Keach recalls his fighting form for ‘Fat City’ 1

“I was a hero that day,” Stacy Keach told a TCM festival crowd Sunday afternoon. He was talking about the time, on the movie set of “Doc” in Almeria, Spain, when the legendary filmmaker John Huston paid him a visit, hoping he would star in his next feature, Fat City. There may be no conventional ...

Romain Gary, the Hollywood years, celebrated May 15

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The French Consulate General in Los Angeles is hosting an homage to the multifaceted French intellectual, statesman, novelist and filmmaker, Romain Gary, on the centennial of his birth. War hero, diplomat and film director, Gary moved from the Russian Empire, where he was born, to Nice, where he spent his childhood, and from his Air ...