Not a ‘witch hunt,’ Mr. Trump, decries daughter of John Garfield

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Mr. Trump, words matter. If not to you, then to the rest of us. Trump’s repeated flinging of the loaded expression ‘witch hunt’ (yet again this morning, via Twitter) in a moment of his wounded narcissism strikes a deep, deep chord. It brings painful memories of a shameful chapter of American history. It brings rage ...

Lizabeth Scott a ‘Tigresse’ to die for

A take-no-prisoners film noir, “Too Late for Tears” is saddled with a title that has all the clout of an unused tissue. Its alternate title, “Killer Bait,” is marginally less flimsy. But it was under the far more fitting French handle, “La Tigresse,” that a duplicate negative of the 1949 low-budget picture, which had badly ...

Insanely great movies to sear Egyptian screen @ NOIR CITY

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Film festival overload, otherwise known as April. The American Cinematheque and the Film Noir Foundation join forces for the 15th annual Festival of Film Noir. Shady dames and murderous mobsters converge for dark tales of jaded gumshoes, femmes fatale and menacing heavies in gloriously gritty black and white. ...