Insanely great movies to sear Egyptian screen @ NOIR CITY


Yes, it’s that time of year again. Film festival overload, otherwise known as April. The American Cinematheque and the Film Noir Foundation join forces for the 15th annual Festival of Film Noir. Shady dames and murderous mobsters converge for dark tales of jaded gumshoes, femmes fatale and menacing heavies in gloriously gritty black and white.

Festival opening night features one of the last movies made in the U.S. by blacklisted writer-director Cy Endfield before he relocated to England: TRY AND GET ME (originally released as THE SOUND OF FURY). Friday’s offerings are in the first row. Saturday’s themed night, “Show Biz Noir,” in the second.


1951, Film Noir Foundation, 91 min.
35mm print. Dir. Cy Endfield
The true story of a shocking 1934 kidnapping and murder in San Jose provided the inspiration for one of the most compelling – and unjustly neglected – masterpieces of film noir. Ex-GI Howard Tyler (Frank Lovejoy), struggling to support his family, meets flashy hoodlum Jerry Slocum (Lloyd Bridges), who eases the gullible Howard into a lucrative life of crime.

1957, Park Circus, 101 min.
35mm print. Dir. Cy Endfield
An ex-con (Stanley Baker) trying to go straight takes a job driving for a corrupt trucking company, where the bosses pit the drivers against each other in a dangerous competition that leads to higher profits and death! Peggy Cummins is the saucy secretary who flirts her way through an array of up-and-coming stars. With Sean Connery.

1950, Paramount, 110 min.
DCP. Dir. Billy Wilder
Not only the ultimate Hollywood noir, but one of the greatest films ever made. Beleaguered screenwriter Joe Gillis (William Holden) is thrown by fate into the clutches of aging silent-screen star Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson) and exploits, for personal gain, her delusional quest for a big-screen comeback.

1954, 20th Century Fox, 81 min.
35mm print. Dir. Hugo Haas.
When megalomaniacal film director Walter Darman (Hugo Haas) fires no-talent actress Sherry Stewart (Cleo Moore) from his latest artistic opus, the shamed sexpot schemes revenge. She drugs Darman, convinces him they’ve shared a night of scandalous debauchery and begins the blackmail. 

Noir City: 15th Annual Festival of Film Noir | Egyptian Theatre | April 5 – 21

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