Bujones blazes again, in new Herrault doc

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If footage of the late Fernando Bujones (1955-2005) partnering Cynthia Gregory in Grand pas Classique, music by Daniel-Francois Auber, does not represent a pinnacle in American ballet, then what does? This outstanding pas de deux is on view [see 13:09] in a new online documentary about the amazing male dancer whose absence is still conspicuously ...

Cynthia Gregory, Children’s Ballet Theatre, 1953 1

The great Gregory, blessed from birth with a cygnet neck and skinny legs, as captured by a master photog, Bob Willoughby. Click photos for detail. photo: thank you bob willoughby estate Like this? Read more: Gregory returns to West Coast

Great Los Angeles-born ballerina Cynthia Gregory returns to West Coast 1

This Martha Swope photo of Cynthia Gregory with the Hungarian, Ivan Nagy, was published in a dance book I pored over as a teenager. The image had a huge impact on me — it was a proto-feminist portrait of a powerful, free young woman. Boy, did I ever want to be her. I enjoyed a ...