Un sueño de baile de Cuba

Sensual and smooth. Seamless, seductive and sexy. Sublime! Sliding to the silken ‘son Cubano,’ the Cuban sound. Sleek and sensational! Dancing in a Havana dream — un sueño. The man is Victor Zapata, the lady unidentified. Tremendous dancers. In solidarity with the struggle of the Cuban people, our neighbors, our friends.

Juan de Marcos’s Afro-Cuban beat to pulsate The Soraya

Cuban music has tantalized and insinuated itself into the United States since the 19th Century. New Orleans-born composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829-1869) was smitten with the Cuban tresillo, cinquillo and habanera, and incorporated those elements into his compositions. Ragtime pianists were subsequently taken with what Jelly Roll Morton called “the Spanish tinge.” Then came the ...

The new normal: the Stones play La Habana 2

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A super-special expression of a new reality. As native Britons, the Rolling Stones have never been particularly hamstrung by America’s culture-throttling 50-year trade embargo on Cuba. But with so many ties to the U.S. market (indeed with band members in residence here), they’ve surely been circumspect. Spreading the wild winds of Western civilization at the ...

Ravishing dance-film journey to Havana

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“Dancing for My Havana,” an Italian/Cuban co-production written and directed by Claudio Del Punta, has garnered the Special Jury Prize of the Dance Camera West festival 2015. The film, a colorful wonderland set in Havana’s romantic urban ruins, tells a love story interpersed with sensational dance numbers that give a rare glimpse into unadulterated Cuban ...