Pavilion ‘Levitt-ates’ our city, says Mayor Eric Garcetti

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I love the Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles. But don’t listen to me. Listen to Mayor Garcetti, who calls it a “spark” and a “community asset” whose “vitality is a model of urban revitalization.” According to Garcetti, “We can have all the best clean-up in the world, but if there’s nothing in between that keeps people ...

‘Monsters’ invade Burbank!

It’s hardly a new way of moving; it’s been around for, what, thirty years? But what’s new about hip-hop is that it has become a teachable, replicable, and codified dance technique. And it holds an electric grip, especially, on young aspiring commercial dancers for whom it is the fresh, evolving, go-to dance language. I enjoy ...

Review: Dogged drills by Djordjevich @ REDCAT’s NOW series

Dance · Reviews
An interesting time, last weekend at REDCAT, watching “CORPS,” a work by post-post-minimalist choreographer Milka Djordjevich featured in the second week of the theater’s well established New Original Works (NOW) series. As a young woman in New York, I performed in the dance company of second-generation minimalist Grethe Holby, an alumnus of Laura Dean’s original ...

Excuse me, Mr. Lipschitz’s sculpture, could you kindly move over?

Architecture & Design · Dance · Theater
You walk your dog, right? And you lug your groceries from the market to the car. So why shouldn’t the Los Angeles Music Center, as part of its $40 million Plaza renovation project, take its Jacques Lipschitz “Peace on Earth” sculpture for a little stroll as well? It’s been sitting in the same spot since ...

Doors history: ice cream dreams at Thee Experience (part 2)

ed. note: part 2 (of 3) author kirk silsbee’s coverage of the scene at thee experience the short lived sunset strip psychedelia club. part 1 here. One of the people who visited the kitchen at Thee Experience was Owsley Stanley. The little man who dosed the whole West Coast with purple LSD traveled with the ...

Spend quality time with Bert & Ernie

Theater · Visual arts
In 2011, when our society was slightly more playful mood, a petition circulated to cajole the two besties, Bert & Ernie, from the closet, and marry ’em right on Sesame Street. Who knew that five years later we would elect an actual prime-time puppet to the presidency? But to take a break from all of ...

Summer flower splendor in a vase by Cara Jean

Architecture & Design · Visual arts
Cara Jean’s mantra is  “Never Enough Flowers!….Ever!” That’s why along with her Baroque, filigreed cups, saucers, dishware, eggcups, she has created this romantic vase and crammed it with peonies. A former dancer, Cara Jean puts the movement into her dynamic, delicious porcelain ware. Cara Jean Clay | on sale on line

Doors history: Thee Experience where Jim Morrison hung out (part 1)

ed. note: Harvey Kubernik’s book, The Doors: Summer’s Gone (Otherworld Cottage Industries, 2018) includes the following chapter by arts·meme contributor Kirk Silsbee. Serialized on arts·meme in three sections. Enjoy! After the Doors had tasted success, Hollywood was Jim Morrison’s playground. The Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood, which launched the band, showcased all the ...

Kaplan’s “No Business” poster of MM mashes Travilla costumes

Dance · Fashion · Film
Marilyn poster combines two Travilla costumes
We all know that Mike Kaplan’s startlingly fabulous collection of dance-movie posters, Gotta Dance Too, a redux exhibition after Gotta Dance in 2014, now hangs at Jacob’s Pillow (a slide show of several posters here). The fetching poster above shows our girl Marilyn, aka Double M, in an interesting amalgam of two looks in which ...

Hardest hit on ‘White Christmas’ movie set? Dancers. 2

Dance · Film
The lyric may be “iconic,” but it’s also “ironic.” Robert Alton’s sumptuous dance duet, “The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing,” a classy, flowing number for Vera-Ellen and Danny Kaye, in White Christmas (1954) reveals the choreographer’s signature moves. Alton [Easter Parade, There’s No Business LIke Show Business, White Christmas] could move bodies around a ...