Get your gaze on.

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Installation view of Donna Huanca: OBSIDIAN LADDER. Courtesy the artist, Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles and Peres Projects, Berlin. Photo by Joshua White/ In the past we would look. And sometimes we would see. But now, in the art world, the operative word is “gaze.” That’s nothing new, the expression “gaze” has been in use ...

University action fails to address racism of ‘The Birth of a Nation’

Bette Davis and Lillian Gish in The Whales Of August (1987) Ed note: The following is an excerpt from a long interview with film marketing strategist/producer-director Mike Kaplan, a friend of artsmeme, concerning the removal of the name of Lillian and Dorothy Gish from a screening auditorium at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. The ...

REVIEW: ‘Mayerling”s tornado at the Chandler

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Kiss of Death: Natalia Osipova as Mary Vetsera, Ryoichi Hirano as Rudolf in Mayerling at the Royal Opera House. Photograph: Helen Maybanks Last night, at 8:20 pm, most of Los Angeles experienced a 7.1-magnitude earthquake. But those viewing Kenneth McMillan‘s sprawling historic dance-drama, Mayerling, performed by the Royal Ballet at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of ...

From the politically toxic Lillian Gish

Friend-of-artsmeme Mike Kaplan shares an image of a movie poster personally autographed by Lillian Gish. Kaplan produced THE WHALES OF AUGUST (1987), which starred the then-elderly but still luminous Gish, in marvelous scenes that convey her screen magic with Bette Davis, who also stars in the film. Featured here is a Gish movie from another ...

Time to reassess Lewitzky? 1

photo: frances chee That was my takeaway after viewing Luminario Ballet‘s wonderful performance, Sunday June 23 at the Skirball Cultural Center, of two absorbing works by choreographer Bella Lewitzky. Pictured are excerpts from “Inscape” (1976). The work is driven by its marvelous costumes — stretch “duotards” designed by Rudi Gernreich, who, prior to his vivacious ...

Beautiful, bountiful Baroda Wall for County+USC Medical Center

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It’s fanciful and fun. It’s generous, grand, and gorgeous. It may bring a welcome distraction–solace or even levity–to a public space where the less fortunate among us traverse weighty health issues with perhaps troubling or stressful emotions. This gift to our city by philanthropist David Bohnett got a lovely launch party this week on the ...

The new American intolerance: Gish Film Theater shorn of name

ed. note: With a heavy heart, we publish words submitted by Mike Kaplan, a friend of artsmeme whose peerless collection of dance movie posters now hangs at the National Dance Museum in Saratoga Springs. Mike, the producer of ‘The Whales of August’ (1987) starring Bette Davis and Lillian Gish, is at the forefront of controversy ...

Transcending ‘correctness’: Lillian Gish

I’ve never been in style, so I can never go out of style. – Lillian Gish

Peter Selz, remembered by friend/colleague Jack Rutberg

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ed. note: we are pleased to share words written by gallerist jack rutberg who shares memories of his special friendship with peter selz, just passed away. I am saddened to relay the news that our dear friend Peter Selz passed away this morning. The impact that Peter made, and will continue to make, on the ...

It’s a pah-tay! Rennie Harris FUNKEDIFIED @ the Ford 2

fabulous photo by Julieta Cervantes for the New York Times shows Joshua Culbreath and Puremovement in “Funkedified” Let’s face it. The John Anson Ford Amphitheatre is the best place in town to get up get down get funky get loose. That’s because … hey, you’re outdoors! You’re not boxed in by walls. You’re not cramped ...