Unmasked: Melania Trump revealed

flotus or bloatus?

It’s a brilliant idea for a new play. Because haven’t we suffered enough from these horrible people? It is way past time to mock and laugh at them. Throwing custard pies is a possibility. In the meantime, Asylum Theatre and writer/producer Liana Mesaikou are poised to present the world premiere of Fifty Shades of Melania, a comedic new theatrical take that promises to exercise the three known facial expressions of our dear FLOTUS.

melania trump, the bronzed collectible

She doesn’t really care – or does she? Is she victim or accomplice? Trapped or willing agent? Join Melania Trump at an exclusive press conference as she tries to get re-elected as the First Lady of the United States. Hopefully “Fifty Shades” will satisfy our undying curiosity about what makes our enigmatic First Lady tick. (Beyond her Cartier watch.)

Fifty Shades of Melania | Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre | opens June 8

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Simple ‘toile’ says it all: Dior show at the V&A

christian dior ‘toile’ mock-up for couture gown

Rather than recreate with photography the sensory thrill of touring the immersive “Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams,” the massive exhibition celebrating the history of the House of Dior now on at the Victoria & Albert Museum on Cromwell Road in London, I’ll evoke the experience by sharing a ghostly echo of one of his dresses.

That would be the ‘toile,’ or designer’s linen mock-up, seen above. A ‘toile,’ of course, is an engineer’s test run before committing exquisite taffeta, chiffon, silks and other divine textiles, to constructing the real deal.

Bereft of color in the 500 gowns on display — eerie aquamarines, pinks so pale they nearly waft away, blues delivered straight from an English garden, and did you know there are infinite shades of white? — you can focus on the Maitre’s core skill as a sculptor of fabric.

Christian Dior, Designer of Dreams | Victoria & Albert Museum London | thru Sept 1

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Gwen Verdon sighting: ‘Drink your prune juice!’ 1

Dance · Film
There’s our girl: Gwen Verdon You’re on a Fox contract, and you’re hanging around with nothing to do, all of a sudden Jack Cole comes in the studio and throws together a sage bit of dancing for you. Also in the number is Matt Mattox and Frank Radcliffe, aka “Jumbo” because of his girth. You ...



Cyndi Lauper, Ph.D.

i used to just wanna have fun … now it’s different. photo of cydni lauper by brent hallenbeck For a high-school dropout whose life was changed by an experience while attending Northern Vermont University – Johnson, it must have been a pretty wonderful day May 18, 2019, when Cyndi Lauper was granted an honorary doctorate. ...

Mehraban windows connect classic & contemporary design talent

Architecture & Design
A happy highlight of this year’s La Cienega Design Quarter (LCDQ) three-day design festival showed its face to the public on a busy, design-rich Los Angeles boulevard. Two chic and fascinating windows, designed by Gary Hutton and Chad Dorsey, lent special life at Mehraban, a three-generation purveyor of contemporary and artisinal rugs. Mehraban hosted the ...

Rudi Gernreich stunner: ‘The Swan’ for Lewitsky Dance in 1976

Dance · Fashion
We’re just starting to dig into the rich content of “Fearless Fashion: Rudi Gernreich,” the exhibition now up and running at the Skirball Cultural Center, with its stimulating mix of design, gender, fine art, and social issues. All those elements came crashing together, in a sixties kind of way, in the work of the adventurous ...

Can Kahane? Yes he can!

Pianist/conductor Jeffrey Kahane, soon at Pianospheresphoto by John Rabe for KPCC In a rare Southern California solo recital appearance, Jeffrey Kahane has designed a special program for the presenter Pianospheres in its 25th season. Kahane, of course, is an acclaimed pianist, conductor, music director laureate of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, and educator. Gabriel Kahane,Works ...

The pursuit of ‘Love & Happiness’ with Al Green

Music · Reviews
photo credit: Al Green facebook page He struggled. Both with his voice and his body. Argh, that gorgeous, sexy young man got fat. The voice was often not there. He reached for signature falsetto trills, swooping octave-length slides, and growls, and came up with memories. Rather than whisper, he croaked. He relied on the audience ...

‘So L.A.’ in a good way: Jacob Jonas The Company reviewed

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‘to the dollar,’ chor by jacob jonas, photography matthew brush It’s hard to avoid politics these days. We tweet about it, march about it, get outraged about it. It’s in your face in every medium. Including dance. Jacob Jonas The Company’s (JJTC) brilliantly danced mixed bill at The Wallis on Friday included two politically-charged works: ...

‘Wild Bill’ Wellman returns to Oakridge

When men were men: William Wellman, director William Wellman, Jr. will introduce his award-winning documentary Wild Bill Hollywood Maverick (1995), a film about the life and career of his father, the legendary director William Wellman, at a cool event soon to happen at the Hollywood-historic home Oakridge. One can only guess that Wellman was among the ...