Orpheus-themed event blends music, poetry, film @ The Edye

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Black Orpheus (1959) dir Marcel Camus

The tragic love of Orpheus for Eurydice has inspired poets, artists, and musicians—among them Rainer Maria Rilke, Christophe Willibald Gluck, and in our own time choreographer Mark Morris and composer Philip Glass, whose 1993 Orphee Suite was inspired by Jean Cocteau’s 1950 film.

An interesting event exploring the Orpheus theme will take place in the black box performance space, The Edye, behind The Broad Stage Sunday afternoon.

Pianist Paul Barnes will perform segments of Orphée Suite for Piano, his transcription from the Glass opera for solo piano; a segment of Marcel Camus’s Brazilian film Black Orpheus will screen; and contemporary poets Henri Cole, Robin Coste Lewis, and Atsuro Riley will present contemporary work of their own and that of classic poetic forbears. The event is sponsored in partnership with The Poetry Society of America and Red Hen Press.

Balanchine, too, choreographed to this theme, as did Pina Bausch.

The Figure of Orpheus in Poetry and Performance | The Edye at The Broad Stage | Sun April 28

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A gift to Gwen from Jack

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FOSSE VERDON — Michelle Williams as Gwen Verdon
credit Eric Liebowitz/FX Networks

Ed. note: Excerpted here from a story published today in DANCE Magazine.

You can see them in “Fosse/Verdon” episode one. Michelle Williams, playing Gwen Verdon, wears them with a cool, retro, forest-green jumpsuit. Tucked beneath a mop top of tousled Gwen Verdon locks, Williams sports a pair of discreet and tasteful onyx drop-earrings—the dancer’s favorites. Verdon wore them all her adult life, according to her daughter Nicole Fosse, a co-executive producer of the FX series that puts a spotlight on a great woman of American dance.

“I have very little memory of my mother wearing other earrings. They were her Gwen Verdon earrings,” says Fosse, speaking by phone from her home in Vermont. “She’s wearing them in 99 percent of the pictures of her performing.” Read more

Keep reading “A Gift to Gwen,” about the onyx earrings, in DANCE Magazine.

image courtesy: The Verdon/Fosse Legacy LLC.

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