‘Give in!’ Buy Gwen Verdon portrait at Bonhams auction

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little man little lola wants you. 12.5 x 17.75 in.

As the character of Lola in Damn Yankees, Gwen Verdon brought down the house with her powerhouse performance and her inimitable version of “Whatever Lola Wants,” ultimately performing the role over 1,000 times. She began both a working and personal relationship with choreographer Bob Fosse as a result of her participation in the play, a partnership recently chronicled in the TV mini-series, Fosse/Verdon (2019).

This charming portrait by the Russian-born artist Boris Chaliapin graced the cover of the June 13, 1955 issue of Time magazine, one of over 400 works of art created by Chaliapin for the periodical.

The onyx earrings Verdon wears in the portrait were a gift to the dancer from Jack Cole. I wrote extensively in Dance Magazine about the earrings and how Verdon’s daughter came to lend them to Michelle Williams in Fosse/Verdon, playing her mother.

Gwen Verdon Boris Chaliapin portrait | Bonhams through December 11

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Rare WSS footage: David Winters ‘Cool’ solo, courtesy of Toni Basil

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Jets boys, David Winters at center in red

In rare footage of the original cast of West Side Story on Broadway, Jerome Robbins protege David Winters (1939 – 2019) explains how he conjured a solo in his role of “Baby John,” in 1957. When it came time for the movie, Winters had grown out of the role and was swapped to playing A-rab. The solo came along for the ride, so we see Winters dance the neurotic outburst rather than Eliot Feld (who played Baby John in the movie) perform it. Winters originated it and it belonged to Winters.

This West Side Story trivia comes courtesy of Toni Basil who worked with Winters as his assistant, famously on The T.A.M.I. Show and more. Toni, who has one of the best eyes in the business considers Winters’s “Cool” solo as “one of the greatest I’ve ever seen in terms of merging acting and dancing.”

“I saw the cast perform the number on the Ed Sullivan Show. It became a light-bulb moment for me to work with him and to be his assistant,” said Toni.

Robbins, center, rehearsing “Cool”
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Drive-in movie for the angels

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‘Sittin’ In’ at golden-era jazz clubs 1

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I get by with a little help from Gwen Verdon

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Looks beautiful: Christian Petzold’s ‘Undine’ at German Currents Film Festival

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One of Germany’s most celebrated film auteurs, Christian Petzold, brings a Los Angeles premiere to the German Currents Film Festival which kicks off today. Petzold’s UNDINE is a retelling, updated, of the myth of a water-nymph who marries a mortal. The story is set in modern-day Berlin. Told through Petzold’s precise visual style, the film ...

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