Cover girl. The great Chita Rivera.

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Chita Rivera, DANCE Magazine Nov 1957 West Side Story opened on Broadway in September 1957. By November, DANCE Magazine had a new cover girl.

Sean Spicer can’t dance? Sez you! 1

Sean Spicer and Lindsay Arnold on the first week of “Dancing With the Stars.”credit: Eric McCandless/ABC The last person on earth I thought I’d ever defend is the former flame-throwing, feisty-and-fuming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, now a television celebrity bursting from his lycra costume on “Dancing With the Stars” on ABC. [update: Spicer ...

Make ’em laff! with eccentric dance

ed. note: the opening words, here, from “The Motion Picture Academy Celebrates Eccentric Dance” published by Dance Magazine August 15, 2019. The author is artsmeme‘s Debra Levine. There’s a type of dance you’ve never heard of: It’s called “classical ballet.” The progenitors included Mathilde Kschessinska, Vaslav Nijinsky and Anna Pavlova. The art form passed through ...

A gift to Gwen from Jack

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FOSSE VERDON — Michelle Williams as Gwen Verdoncredit Eric Liebowitz/FX Networks Ed. note: Excerpted from a story published today in DANCE Magazine: You can see them in “Fosse/Verdon” episode one. Michelle Williams, playing Gwen Verdon, wears them with a cool, retro, forest-green jumpsuit. Tucked beneath a mop top of tousled Gwen Verdon locks, Williams sports ...