‘Wall art’ a child can understand

Visual arts

“Enough with the memes,” griped Senator Charles Schumer to Donald Trump on Twitter. Luckily, Sen. Schumer did not tweet, “Enough with the arts memes.”

That leaves us free and clear to share our collection of ‘wall art’ for the eggification, sorry! edification of America’s ‘Chief Egg-zecutive.’

Spanning the centuries, artists have illustrated the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty,” a cautionary tale. That is how children learn how far-fetched the notion that a thin-skinned, rotund figure could survive a platform as narrow and precarious as a wall.

It seems to have political parallels. Our stable genius may have skipped nursery school. Here’s hoping he’ll play catch-up today, reading arts•meme in advance of tonight’s televised speech to the nation.

Message to Mr. Trumpty: The ‘wall thing’ did not go well for Mr. Dumpty!

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