‘Wall art’ a child can understand

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“Enough with the memes,” griped Senator Charles Schumer to Donald Trump on Twitter. Luckily, Sen. Schumer did not tweet, “Enough with the arts memes.” That leaves us free and clear to share our collection of ‘wall art’ for the eggification, sorry! edification of America’s ‘Chief Egg-zecutive.’ Spanning the centuries, artists have illustrated the nursery rhyme ...

‘arts·meme nation’ fetes the nation’s holiday 3

Language & ideas
 A July 2 gathering of creative Angelenos was first and foremost a super-fun ‘blog party.’ But lurking at the periphery was uncertainty. In an unsettling situation for our country, truths assumed to be self evident are revealed to not be universally held. Those values have been shaken give the incursions — philosophical, commercial, even life-threatening — ...

Hey, arts·meme people ~ we made it to ten! 7

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It’s our tenth birthday. On May 24, 2008 we were hanging around with nothing to do. We’d finished our homework, played with our Barbies, chewed some gum, kicked the can down the road. We were bored stiff! So we starting scribbling on a Word Press blog-template custom-created by Mark Levine. Topics: all kinds of arts ...

arts·meme at nine, an industrious arts builder 4

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Happy birthday dear arts·meme, happy birthday to you~! On May 24, 2008, we launched your favorite arts blog. We’ve been assiduously building ever since. Brick by brick, story by story, we have accrued a steady pile of nearly 2,000 blog posts. It’s all interwoven, as we like to feature artistic mash-ups, mostly in dance and ...

arts·meme turns eight, expresses self 18

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arts·meme has been a good little girl. She writes timely blog-posts, publishes them with nice pictures, inserts proper hot-links. Now it’s her turn to show off. Do-mi-so-do-so-mi-do. Fa-la-la-la. To celebrate the blog’s eighth birthday (founded on May 24, 2008 by Debra Levine with Mark Levine as talented tech man), arts•meme would like to sing you ...

Happy holidays from arts•meme … and Betty Grable!

Just back from shopping at Bullock’s Wilshire! Wishing you and yours Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Love, Betty *          *         * They don’t make movie stars like Betty Grable anymore. She was a massive star, a household presence, a vivacious hoofer, a charismatic singer/dancer/commedienne. We’ll honor Grable by screening two of three movies she ...

arts•meme at seven: confident, independent

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Well wishes go to arts•meme, the fine arts blog, on her seventh birthday, May 24, 2015. The little mademoiselle is pictured on her tricycle-ramble ’round town,  collecting memes to dispatch in the daily gazette. A special thank-you to our advertisers. Thank you for working with us! Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA, Segerstrom ...

arts·meme turns six 1

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A sparkling ‘Shirley Temple’ for arts·meme, the Los Angeles arts blog that came into existence on May 24, 2008. The young lady, having formally entered café society, here hoists a cocktail in commemoration of her sixth birthday. Happy birthday, arts·meme! Kudos and hugs around to arts·meme technology guru, Beijing-based Mark Levine; Heap Big Technology Friend ...

welcome to arts•meme’s new look 3

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We hope our new design enhances your experience reading about arts and opinion at https://artsmeme.com. New features include: cleaner, cooler more contemporary look! “chiclet” navigator of top five featured stories. category menu allows direct access to the story scroll sorted by your favorite subject area, dance, film, music and the like full scroll displays the ...

arts•meme, stripped to skivvies, prepares for new look 2

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We don’t look bad, we just look a bit dated. We’re five years old, after all. That’s why we’ve stripped to skivvies and preparing for a new look-and-feel. Please stand by, your arts blog will soon emerge with colorful and more contemporary design! Coming soon!