All hail the Cinerama Dome at 55

Architecture & Design · Film

Again we travel to 1963, the year when the groovy Robert Frost Auditorium found footing in Culver City, California. Across Los Angeles, those 55 years ago, a geodesic structure boasting a movie screen of 32 x 86 feet with a 146 degree curve opened on Sunset Boulevard. It’s very exciting to wish The Cinerama Dome, a very happy birthday.

Opened on November 7, 1963, the Dome was designed to show movies in the Cinerama process, known for its ultra-realistic projection, and is currently one of only three theaters of the kind left in the world.

Let’s do it! Two movies catch our attention in the Cinerama Dome Anniversary Series.

How the West Was Won | Cinerama Dome | Oct 28 

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World | Cinerama Dome | Nov 7

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