Pick: Diavolo at the Music Center

Architecture & Design · Dance

There’s a dizzying amount of dance going on the next few weekends, as it is the height of the fall season. But if you really want to travel to dizzying heights, consider the upcoming offering of Glorya Kaufman Presents Dance at the Music Center, Diavolo | Architecture in Motion at the Ahmanson Theatre.

Diavolo Artistic Director Jacques Heim brings energy. He can’t help himself, he just does. Walking down the street, entering a room, waiting for a bus, the guy is a bundle of bubbling, bursting, braying bravado. But that’s not enough for the tenacious Heim. For more than 25 years, he has transmitted his vision of mixing modern dance, acrobatics and gymnastics to explore the relationship between the (highly buffed, not mine) human body and architectural structures.

The program will include Diavolo’s signature work Trajectoire and the California premiere of Voyage, featuring meticulously designed architectural structures that have become the company’s hallmark. Did we mention f-u-n? Keep that between us; in some corners of the dance world, it is a dirty word. Good for kids too. Treat yourself. 

Diavolo, Architecture in Motion | Glorya Kaufman Presents Dance at the Music Center | Ahmanson Theatre | October 12 – 14

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