Puppets to bow out after Bob Baker ‘Spooktacular’


The final show (and we hope and pray the spookiest) at the longtime home of Bob Baker Marionette Theater will enjoy a loooong run — scaring the heck out of a lot of Los Angeles kids throughout the season-‘o-ghoulishness.

Soon thereafter, the puppet theater that has occupied its charming digs beneath the First Street Bridge since 1963 (designated a historic-cultural monument in 2009) will go dark for at least awhile. A redevelopment plan is meant to include new space for the treasure trove of wonderfulness that is Bob Baker Marionette Theater. 

Hallowe’en Spooktacular, a family friendly and terrifyingly fun revue features more than one hundred spirited puppets magically trotting across the stage. They rally to unearth everything on strings: from xylo-bone-playing ghouls, to soulful laments of Dracula and Vampira, and a bone-rattling soiree of glow-in-the-dark skeletons, flitting the night away in their secret moonlit Cabaret. Wowee, my teeth are chattering with apprehension right NOW.

I have loved my visits to Bob Baker. Highly recommended.

Hallowe’en Spooktacular | Bob Baker Marionette Theatre | Sept 22 – Nov 4

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