Willdabeast to NYT: ‘I’m a beast no matter what’ 1


[excerpted] “People would tell me, you don’t look the way dancers need to look. You’re not tall enough, you’re darker skinned. It’s gonna be hard for you to get eye-candy jobs or Disney jobs.” His response: to bring together “the misfits of the industry,” he said, “and be the example — that I’m a beast no matter what.”

The words, above, of 28-year-old hip-hop choreographer Will Adams, aka Willdabeast, whose bursting empire of dance company, school, merchandise, real estate and internet communications came to a recent boil during a two-day “BuildaBEAST Experience,” dance convention held in Pomona, California.

Dance writer Siobhan Burke profiled the Entrepreneurial Beast for the New York Times (Aug 18, 2017). Read Siobhan’s story: “Willdabeast, and other Forces to be Reckoned With.”

arts·meme friend, dance agent Julie McDonald, is interviewed in the story.

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  1. Julie McDonald Aug 28,2017 7:38 am

    Thanks so much for posting this.
    I am indeed a friend of artsmeme, the best blog ever!

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